The BrierHouse B&B

Guest Comments

  • March 15, 2009

    Thanks for a Wonderful Weekend and great food! We enjoyed our visits with you and the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. Lord willing, we will all be back this time next year
    Julie, Lanell, Dorothye
    P.S. The Opry Live was Great!

  • December, 2008

    Thank you for the wonderful Breakfast each morning. We really enjoyed our stay!

  • August 31, 2008

    Thank you for the yummy breakfast & for the great Hospitality. When it cools off, we'll come back soon.
    Allisa, Mike & Baby

  • July 11, 2008

    Thank you for everything. We had a lovely time,
    Cindy P.

  • December 14 & 15, 2007

    THANKS for everything, Sharon! Hope to see you next year!
    Becky & gang

  • November 18, 2006

    Dear Sharon,
    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and the amazing breakfast. Your hospitality made our stay delightful. We will tell all of our friends and pass your name & #.
    Dahra, Kristi, Margaret, Kami & Heather
    P.S. Stringfellow's was out of this world!

  • August 20,2006

    Great - clean, clean, good place, easy to see you love people, love your "B&B" -
    Poppy - (Bud)

  • October 21 & 22, 2006

    Jerry & Sharon
    Thank you for EVERYTHING! We've had the best weekend, and ready to do it all over again.
    Thank you again,

  • August 12, 2006

    Had a really good time. Hope you enjoy the wine as much as we enjoyed our stay.
    Dan & Carolyn

  • March 12, 2006

    Sharon -
    We had the most wonderful stay! We love your inviting hospitality, the incredible breakfast - all together it is a place to come back to.
    Thank you so much,
    Gilad, Nira, Noan & Ore S

  • June 25, 20005

    We've been changed by your gentle touch of peace.
    - Call me if you ever need guests! Don't go empty - this gift is much too valuable.

  • March 14, 2005

    Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast, your husband didn't exaggerate your talents as a chef. You may notice we saved part of it for later today. We're looking forward to enjoying it when we return.

  • August 20, 2004

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Feris,
    We want to thank you for your kindness & hospitality. Our stay here has been pleasant, and we wish it could have been longer.We would love to stay here again and we will certainly recommend this place to our friends & family. We might even be a larger number next time. Thanks again and may the lord God bless your home & business.

  • June 25, 2004

    Your breakfast was absolutely the best breakfast I�ve had in years....
    Bryan R.

  • June 01, 2004

    My family and I want to thank you again for your gracious hospitality, your beautiful home, and those fabulous breakfasts! We had a great time being together...
    Susan T.

  • May 21, 2004

    Thanks again. We had such a wonderful time, I am ready to move to Grandbury/Tolar.
    Kyra T.

  • June 01, 2003

    Mr & Mrs Feris,
    Thank you so much for letting us stay in your house. We had a wonderful time.
    The Welch Family

  • April 28, 2003

    We enjoyed your place & will pass the word.
    Clare G.

  • October, 2002

    Thank you so much for being a big part in this special occasion.
    We really all felt at home.
    Thanks & God Bless
    Jackie H.

  • October 13, 2002

    Breakfast was lovely. Thank you!
    We had a wonderful stay, and will tell everyone what a great place you have.
    Kevin & Debby

  • June 16, 2002

    Enjoyed our stay at Brierhouse, so tucked in the woods! The early mornings under the big oak were so peaceful and quiet. We were serenaded often by a vocal Mockingbird; watched the Phoebes visiting their nest; saw many brilliant Cardinals, Robins, Scissor-tailed flycatchers AND the elusive Painted Bunting! Nightimes were graced by the peaceful call of the whip-poor-wills! A lovely, restful getaway!
    Bob & Betty T.

  • April 07, 2002

    We enjoyed our stay. Your "hospitality" was superb. The food was really great. Look forward to staying with you at a later date. We will recommend your place.
    Jim & Barb F.

  • September 9, 2001

    Thank you for breakfast. It was delicious! We would love to have your recipe for the casserole & the blueberry strudel. Thanks for making a trip really special.
    The Girls

  • September 2, 2001

    It was so nice to meet you. We had such a relaxing time. I'm sure we will be back.
    Thanks for everyting,
    Linda J.

  • August 05, 2001

    Thanks for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay.
    Kristy P. & family

  • June 25, 2001

    We had a great time and enjoyed our home away from home.

  • October 13, 2000

    Thanks so much for everything! We really enjoyed staying here. Jennifer loved the cake -Thank you so much for taking the time to do that...
    Doris D.

  • October 29, 2000

    Our family truly enjoyd our stay here. The food was excellent! We wished we had the breakfast casserole recipe. We had to come back after the cars were packed to finish off the cake because no one was willing to leave a
    morsel - it was delicious.

    Everything is so fresh & clean here and the surroundings are so peaceful. We appreciate all of the things you did to prepare for our arrival. You were a gracious host. We wish you much success in your business and will recommend Briarhouse every opportunity we have.
    Linda D. & family

November 26, 2000 - Stephen B.